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Tools and resources to help you build a successful web site or web hosting service

Building a new web site can be a daunting task for many beginners! Even with the vast amount of resources and information available on the net, it is often easy to get confused with information overload. We hope you will find the tools and information provided here to be of help to you in your endeavor to find a good web host. You may want to start by looking the some of the suggested web hosts in the hosting directory.

If you are completely new to web hosting and need some basic information to get started, start by reading the introduction to web hosting first. We try to explain the differences between each type of web hosting services (eg. Co-location, Dedicated, Server OS, etc.).

There are also helpful guide to help you take the first step toward building an ecommerce web site. A very crucial element of any ecommerce site is the choice of a suitable merchant account. We have shown you some important points to consider in choosing a merchant account.

We have also provided some recommended tools when you are ready to start designing a new site or editing an existing web site. Look at our list of recommended graphics editors and HTML editors. Feel free to let us know if you do come across any good editors that are not included here.

One of the important factors in choosing a good web host is the type of hosting control panel they are providing. While this may seemed negligible in the beginning, you will find that a good control panel will make your task in managing your web site a breeze or frustrating experience. Some of the most common control panels are: Plesk, CPanel, Ensim, HSphere. We suggest you take a look at each of them yourself and have a feel of how they look and work.









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